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Shakura Pigmentation – Treatment for Computer Radiation Spots


If you have been experiencing skin conditions like dryness, itchiness and rashes don’t blame the hot summer temperature. These skin issues are more likely due to prolonged exposure to your computer screen. New medical research findings have revealed that computer monitors do not only cause vision problems but allergic skin conditions called computer radiation spots. How does this happen? Monitors create an electrostatic field that absorbs dust in the environment. Is there treatment for computer radiation spots? Yes through Shakura Pigmentation.


What is Shakura Pigmentation?


Shakura Malaysia has developed a high performance natural treatment for skin pigmentation so that your skin will remain flawless and smooth. Within just a single session, you will experience a great difference since your skin pigmentation will lighten. The success of Shakura Pigmentation is due to the combination of milk, Vitamin C and amino acids so as to achieve smooth and radiant skin. Shakura Malaysia aims to enhance the benefits of milk in an effort to solve pigmentation problems that mark the natural beauty of the skin.


How to protect yourself from computer radiation spots


Medical research has found out that computer monitors do not only cause skin conditions but dry wrinkled skin and photo ageing – skin conditions that are synonymous to sun exposure. People with pre-existing conditions like rosacea (redness of the cheeks) and photosensitivity are more prone since radiation can aggravate the condition. Using a laptop that rests on your thighs for prolonged periods of time can cause toasted skin syndrome due to the heat originating from the device. In order to protect your skin from damage caused by computer radiation, you only need to follow these tips.


  • Maintain a good distance from the monitor (at least 2 feet) and clean it regularly.
  • Use some sort of heat protection between you and the computer. There are specialized stands available to address these issues.
  • Protect your skin by using a water-based moisturizer.
  • Stay dehydrated by drinking lots of water. Avoid drinks with caffeine.
  • Use screen filters and if possible LCD screens to minimize radiation
  • Try to schedule your work during the cooler times of the day.